lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

Art Warriors Motorcycle Club

Name: Tupac Amaru Shakur
A.K.A: 2Pac, Makaveli
Charge: Outlaw
Status: Deceased
Details: Rastafari scarf, New Orleans doors signals
Colors: Bandana, glasses, gloves
Inks: Only God Can Judge Me

Name: James Dean
A.K.A: None
Charge: First Of The Gang To Die
Status: Deceased
Details: Camarón de la Isla pin, Lubitel camera
Colors: Neckerchief
Inks: None
Name: Johnny Cash
A.K.A: None
Charge: Man in Black
Status: Deceased
Details: Cross, Converse All Star AW MC Special Edition
Colors: Hanging flag, shoelaces, cord
Inks: C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)

Name: Dennis Hopper
A.K.A: None
Charge: Easy Rider
Status: Deceased
Details: Cigar
Colors: Scarf
Inks: Apocalypse Now

Name: Edgar Allan Poe
A.K.A: None
Charge: President
Status: Deceased
Details: AW Jeans
Colors: Gloves, neckerchief
Inks: Nevermore
Name: Boris Karloff
A.K.A: Frankenstein, modern Prometheus
Charge: Man of Mayhem
Status: Deceased
Details: Hablando en Plata Squad T-Shirt, 3D Ray-Ban ClubMaster
Colors: Bandana
Inks: None

Name: Charles Bukowski
A.K.A: Heinrich Karl
Charge: Soul Rebel
Status: Deceased
Details: Jack Daniel's bottle (not empty)
Colors: Scarf
Inks: None

We the Warriors. All patched. Undead, undead, undead...


Lord Horror

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