domingo, 10 de enero de 2010

Victims of a Down

"Nightfall on the deserted New York streets,
A place where a collision of life and death meets
Behind the dark alley,
A cry is heard But no-one did hear it,
No human, not even a bird
The clock is ticking midnight,
Its cold and its wet A shadow of fallen lovers,
A dying image you cannot forget
The cold floor is stained in red,
A puddle of blood where she lies
Her entire life Is passing before her eyes,
She gains consciousness,
A single unshed tear
She cant feel anything,
The numbing pain and fear
Next to her bloody body,
Her lover silently looks at the stars
His wounds and torn scars
Yearn for the touch of rain
His eyes are closing slowly,
And then he opens them again
But his wish stays ungranted
As the sky is black with no cloud
The girls heart is weakly beating,
The truth is there outloud
Someone robbed them
And hurt them both
The girl could have been dead,
If the boy didnt save her life
But his last words are piercing,
Tearing her soul like a knife
Although I tried to save you,
We are still to die
It is Gods will, Baby, please dont cry
We are in His hands now,
Hell do as he please Sarah,
I want to kiss you,
Her he pain tries to ease Sarah is weak,
Her stomach is torn
She cries for one reason only,
Her little baby that will never be born
Sarah, the boy whispers
Are you dead?
But Sarahs eyes are fixed at the sky,
Her mind rejects what he just said
Now her babys dead,
Cuz of the shortcut they took
Well get faster to the doctor,
The boy said, the oldest trick in the book
She would have given
Her life for the baby to live
Now the babys dead,
And she had no life to give
Never did she expect to die at sixteen,
She held the future in her hand
Now she stopped breathing,
Thinking of her baby, her life will end..."

Daron Malakian
(Guitarra y segunda voz de System of a Down)

El siempre exéntrico Daron con su Ibanez pintada y reafinada por él mismo y la camiseta "Kill your prayers" (mata a tus predicadores) con alzacuellos incorporado en concierto con System of a Down y en una foto más reciente en el Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival con otro proyecto llamado Scars on Broadway, esta vez llevando esa maravilla del hombre que es la Gibson SG negra...

Lord Horror

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